While looking through the scans of the Baffin Island photos, I recalled that I had purposefully taken a series of sweeping shots at our first camp at the terminus of the Coronation Glacier. After a bit of work with Gimp, I was able to put together a reasonably decent panoramic image:

Coronation Glacier Campsite

Fog-shrouded camp at the base of Coronation Glacier, Baffin Island

Click on the above image for a full-sized view. (5718 x 1293 787KB)

This view is an approximately 125 degree swing from the North, starting at the left, facing the flow of the glacier itself, across the East facing out into the Coronation Fiord, and then to some nameless small glacier on the far right that was continuously sloughing off debris.

Which brings to mind one aspect of the landscape that I couldn’t help but notice: as seemingly still and devoid of plant life as it was, it felt like a world still being made; there was constantly noise from rock and ice fall, so the stillness was really illusionary.

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I like your gimpy panorama. You may also want to throw the images into autostitch. It does a great job with this task:

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