The Attempted Assassination of Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt, was shot by anarchist William Schrenk just outside the Hotel Gilpatrick in Milwaukee, Wisconsin while on his way to give a speech on this date in 1912. The bullet perforated the manuscript that he had prepared and lodged in his chest, but he refused medical attention and went on to speak extemporaneously for 50 minutes.

From the Detroit Free Press, Oct. 15, 1912: “The manuscript of his speech doubtless had done much to save his life. When he had come upon the platform at the Auditorium he drew the manuscript from his vest pocket during his first few words, the torn sheets of paper, showing many stains blood, showed also that the bullet had gone through the manuscript.

‘You see,’ cried the colonel holding up the manuscript so that the audience could see the bullet hole through the sheets of paper, ‘It takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose.’”

October 14th; truely a manly day in history.

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